- Opening spring 2019 -




At Trust Coworking we want to give you the opportunity to expand and promote your business within the American market. It could be for a week or a month. We will assist you throughout the entire process - from desk to desk. 

At Trust we want you to Trust in yourself. Trust your abilities - and Trust your business. Set your goals high and we will reach them together through mutual Trust.

With our amazing team and creative collaborators we will help you to expand your business and give you an opportunity to develop within the American market. 

FLORIDA - a destination for business and pleasure

Ever dreamed of feeling the sand between your toes after a long day at the office? Florida can provide you with that fantastic feeling. But Florida has much more to offer than just beautiful beaches, a tropical climate, and an affordable living cost. Florida has a welcoming business environment with many competitive advantages. There is a hard working mentality evident in Florida which contributes to business thriving and competing within the global market. Florida also offers a great deal of opportunity in recreation, culture and the Arts.

The whole experience - There is a reason why home advantage is so often references in the sporting world. In sports - you know your home-court - at Trust, we want to give you a second home-court. Trust provides you with an office where you can seek advice and collaborate in your own language. Moving to a new country is more than just a demand for an office, we will assist you with the whole process from airport pick-up to housing. Trust Coworking - More than just a desk. 



All ready a member of a coworking society, company, organization or a community? Join together and share desks in Florida. Your organisation can now rent a minimum of 3 desks on a monthly basis and allow your members or employees to use the desk as much as they need. 

Through the membership you will get a fixed desk in our office in Florida, access to all facilities and invitations to events. 

Fixed desk

Need a change of environment? Looking for new clients, to expand or a new market to compete in? Or maybe you just want to build your portfolio and make a new business connections? 

A fixed desk is the place to start. We will provide you with a desk in our office, access to all our facilities, invitations to events and access to our collaborators. 


School project? Need to build experience or build new business relationships? We will help you throughout the entire process. If you want to spend your holiday on a “work-cation” in Florida or you and your classmates want to display your projects at one of the large Exhibitions in Florida, Trust Coworking will guide you the whole way. We can provide you with a tailor made experience which will include visits to companies, display opportunities at fairs and a desk at Trust. 

Please contact us for more information regarding your next experience. 



Already situated in the USA? Our society is open for everyone. Please contact us, and we will set you up with a custom experience. Maybe a week or three in Norway is what your business need? contact us and we will connect you with the community suited for your company and idea.